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Summer 2, Week 6


This week, Reception class have been working on their pirate themed mini – topic. Lots of exciting things have been happening, including the arrival of a pirate ship, complete with a plank – let’s hope the children don’t make Mrs Rawsthorne walk it! There has been lots of work on direction and positional language, with the children creating their own treasure maps, and using the BeeBots  (a programmable floor toy that follows the directional instructions input by the user) to explore direction and movement.


Year 1

Year 1 have been hard at work finishing their animal junk models this week, which they completed to a very impressive standard. The class was very excited to see Mrs Naylor, who spent Wednesday morning helping the children to complete their models. In our literacy work, we have been writing and planning our own superhero themed stories, whilst in our maths work, we have been finishing our work on division and have begun to investigate 2D shapes and their properties. We rounded off the week with our ‘Rushcroft’s Got Talent’ auditions. You can see some pictures of the hopefuls below.




Year 2

Year 2 have begun work on some World Cup themed artwork this week. The children are aiming to complete a clay sculpture of a World Cup footballer. This week they have focused on their sketching skills, making preliminary drawings that will inform their work next week. They took some time exploring some footballing poses and then began to plan their sculptures. Below, you can see some pictures of their work.

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