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Rocket builders and counting to 40 in Space!

This week in Year 1 our new maths topic is all about gaining a better understanding of the numbers to 40, specifically understanding the value of the digits in each number, and how this will change according to whether the digit refers to the number of "tens" or "ones."  We have been sorting sets of different counting apparatus into groups to enable easier counting. This makes recording the numbers much easier.....


We had a visitor in school this week, who came equipped with a class set of VR goggles, thus enabling the children to take a trip through our Solar system and see the planets and moons first hand!


Having travelled through space the children then designed a suitable space rocket in their Design and Technology lesson.

Today we made our model rockets. The final step in the Dand T process will be to evaluate our designs and models. 


This activity gave the children a good opportunity to consolidate their accurate use of  the names of the geometric shapes used, specifically cones cylinders and triangles.

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