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Prayers in year 1

Did you know that each week in our Wednesday assembly we celebrate the sporting achievements of the children in school? There is usually a sports report from children in one of our sports teams. Sometimes pupils even bring in their sporting trophies or certificates from clubs they attend after school or outside school.  At Rushcroft we are keen to encourage a healthy lifestyle and the staff are always interested to hear about our pupils sporting endeavours. Each class takes a turn to contribute a Wednesday prayer for this assembly. So in one of our English lessons this week took a cross curricular leap to write prayers. We focussed on the things we are grateful for in life! You should come in and read them- the children were very thoughtful and the prayers are very touching. Three children were chosen by their peers to read their prayers in this weeks' Wednesday assembly.
Picture 1 we took turns to practise reading our prayers
Picture 2 we voyed on our favourite prayers
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