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Paleontologists digging for dinosaur information in Year 1

The children in Year 1 are, as you know, currently becoming paleontologists. They are now very knowledgeable about the way we can determine an animals diet just by digging up and studying the fossilised remains of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores from bygone ages. Recently one of the children asked which class of dinosaurs had the most teeth so we decided to find out. Based on our recent excavation of a T-rex's skeleton from the arctic ice in Year 1 we found that this giant carnivore had around 60 teeth inside its giant skull. 


The children had to research the number of teeth found inside the skulls of a number of herbivores, and conclude whether they had more or fewer teeth than our resident tyrannosaurus. 


Votes were cast by our clever researchers...

Picture 1
Picture 2
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hypotheses were made and further research concluded that herbivores would most like have more teeth over a lifetime, since their teeth were constantly being worn down and replaced!

We have also recently added a mathematical aspect to our dinosaur discovery topic. I asked the children which their favourite dinosuar was. It was close-run thing, but there was a battle for this honour. Triceratops and icthyosaurus tied for first place!


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