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Our Trip to see the Mayor

The School Council visit to see the Mayor of Oldham


On Monday 12th October, the School Councillors went to see the Mayor of Oldham to see what he does.  We went on a mini bus and Mrs  Wimpenny came with us.  When we arrived we waited down stairs at the Oldham  Council chambers for a man, who is the Mayor’s escort,  to come and take us upstairs.


We saw lots of special gifts that were given to Oldham from different counties.  There were drums and bugles from the First World War as well as lots of medals including the Victoria Cross.


Then we went into the Council Chamber and sat at tables where Oldham Council have their meetings.  We used the microphones to ask the Mayor all about his job.  It was amazingly interesting.  We also found out how the Councillors can become a Mayor.


After that we all went into the Mayor’s Parlour where we were lucky enough to be given juice and two biscuits.  After the refreshments we signed our names and a short message in the visitor’s book and were given a colouring sheet, five coloured pencils and a bookmark with the crest of Oldham on it.


Soon it was time to get back on the mini bus but first we had a quick look at the Mayor’s special dining room where he invites special guests to join him for a meal.


It was a really interesting afternoon.


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