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News 9.2.14

Year 4

After weeks of planning Year 4 have finally started their project to decorate part of Reception’s playground. It involved getting messy with acrylic paint and using our painting skills. Year 4 have also been getting to grips with inverted commas! It’s tricky but we are starting to get the hang of it.

Year 5

This week in year 5 we have been learning about the importance of decimals. We know what the value of each place is and this helps us order them. We have also been starting to write our own short stories in English, there are some excellent ideas around the class. Well done to Will who won the prize for the best homework story! Also this week, we got a little messy during our Tuesday activity session. Our project is coming along well! 

Year 6

Incredible news as Mr Coyle managed to use Mr Ireland's camera to take pictures of our athletics team trials and get them developed and get them on the website!! We've had a busy week learning about multiplying and dividing decimals and were helped in no small way by Year 4's song in assembly.

Year 3

We have continued our work on Myths and Legends this week and started to think of different ways we can present what we know. The children chose to produce a powerpoint, a word document or poster detailing what they have learned so far. We also used the iPads to gather information and put it into an app called ''popplet'' to display it to others. In maths we have been adding using a number line. The children have been designing their own ''steps to success'' so that they can remember how to find the right total. In Science we began designing our own magnets and are looking forward to creating them next week using clay.


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