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News 8.5.16

Year 6


Here is your Sats timetable for the week:

Monday - reading

Tuesday - grammar & spelling

Wednesday - maths and arithmetic

Thursday - maths


Remember to get a good night's sleep every night. You can bring in a good luck teddy if it helps calm your nerves but it must not be able to talk to you and tell you the answers.


Year 4


This week has been jam packed for year 4! Our busiest day was Wednesday when we went on a school trip to Gallery Oldham. It was a fantastic day! We spent the morning with Isobel who was an atrist who showed us lots of techniques used by Artists such as Lowry. We then tried some ourselves using pastels, pencils and different shading techniques. In the afternoon, we went around the Galleries. Our favourite was the 'Oldham Stories' gallery where we found out lots of history about Oldham. We were allowed to try on hats as Oldham was a huge part of the hatting industry before moving onto cotton mills. We saw pictures of famous people who have come from Oldham and found a spider that came all the way from Jamaica in a banana box, which came out on Tommyfield market! After looking through the Chemist's draws we moved through to look at a huge panoramic picture of Oldham. There were 117 mill chimneys in the picture! We could compare it with Oldham today - it was really interesting. In the Moorlands gallery, we looked at different animals and food chains, which was our Science topic last term. In addition to this, we looked at various different pieces of art by various artists and also looked at lots of sculptures. It was a fantastic day and we were brilliant! Check out our photos to see a little more of our day. 

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