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News 8.2.15

Year 4


This week in Year 4 we have been writing our own Roman myths including a mythical object. We had great fun coming up with ideas for a mythical object and deciding which god or goddess would be using it. In Science this week we have been carrying out an investigation on how different liquids can damage your teeth. Because we didn't have 5 teeth to spare, we decided to test how the liquid would impact the shell of an egg. We used eggs because we thought the shell acts in a similar way to the enamel on our teeth. After a week of leaving the eggs in jars with different liquids, we found some interesting results. Look at the picture below to see the results. We have learnt that only water and milk don't have a negative impact on your teeth and just how important it is to brush your teeth twice a day!

Picture 1

Year 5


In year 5 this week, we have been continuing to develop our descriptive writing skills. We are focusing on our sentence openers and connectives to make our writing more interesting. We have also been learning how to programme computer games; we have created two games so far, one where you have a cat chasing a mouse and another where you have to 'whack witches'! It's been great fun and we are really good at it! We can't wait to make our own China themed games using our new skills. 

Year 6


We've begun to look at what makes up a healthy diet and had some interesting ideas about the sorts of food we should be eating and why it's good for us. In English, we have started planning our balances arguments about whether sweets should be banned in schools or not. We discussed reasons for and against sweets and came up with some excellent conclusions as to how we could compromise and some sweets some of the time but not all of the time.



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