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News 8.11.15

Year 3


This week, Year 3 have been beginning to learn about multiplication and methods for solving them. We began by looking at grouping sets of objects and investigating how these could be represented as multiplication number sentences and also as repeated addition number sentences.


In art, we continued our work on our Rangoli patterns. You can see some of the completed patterns in the photos below. We found that it was quite tricky to precisely copy the designs we had created in our sketchbooks, so many of the designs evolved into simpler forms. Although the method we used was quite 'fiddly', the results were very impressive. What do you think of our finished patterns?


Finally, we finished the week off with a well earned reward of 'chocolate time'. We earned this by working hard and following the Rushcroft expectations all week. I wonder if Year 3 will earn their reward this week?

Year 5


We have had a brilliant week in Year 5. We have been learning about mathematical vocabulary and using our knowledge to help us solve problem questions. The children also put themselves in the shoes of Guy Fawkes and wrote a balanced argument to do with the gunpowder plot. On friday the class were very excited to meet Demi Stokes, who is an England and Manchester City female footballer, the children asked her some excellent questions and found out lots of interesting facts.

Year 5 speaking to Demi Stokes

Year 5 speaking to Demi Stokes 1

Year 6


In maths we have been learning about perimeter and circles. We know what the circumference of a circle is and also that the diameter is twice the radius.

Thank you to Alfie who will be representing Rushcroft on Sunday at the memorial service in Shaw.

Good luck to Michael, Katie and Sadie who will be taking part in cross-country tomorrow at Stoneleigh Park.

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