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News 7.2.16

Year 4


In year 4 this week, we have been looking at the area of different shapes. In many shapes, it's easy as you can just count the squares behind the shape. But the shapes got more complicated and some of us didn't have squares, so we had to use the known measurements to work out the area. In English, we have continued writing a recount about George Mallory and Andrew Irvine trying to climb Mount Everest. We have been learning lots of new grammar and have tried to use this in our writing where possible. In PE, we have been practicing travelling and rolling and are experimenting with these on different equipment. Mrs Spence is very impressed with our progress. At the beginning of term, there were a handful of us that couldn't do a forward roll...and now we ALL can! We are even trying to start and finish like a proper gymnast, standing up with nice straight arms. Thank you to Olivia, who is always on hand for an excellent demonstration! 

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