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News 6.3.16

Year 4


This week in year 4 we have received another important letter...this time from 10 Downing Street! Although Mr Cameron is too busy to action our letter himself, he has instructed that our letters be passed on to the Department for International Development and the Department for Energy and Climate Change so hopefully, we still may hear more about any actions taken. Our maths this week has moved onto telling the time digitally, with some of us using the 24 hour clock. Please practice telling the time with your children at home too as it is a huge life skill that they need. In English, we have been changing stories into playscripts. Mrs Spence wrote a very funny story about an earthquake in the classroom and our playscripts were brilliant! In Science we have started looking at animals and their habitats, thinking about how animals are adapted to live in the habitats they are in. Each of us has then created our own fictional animal and made sure it was adapted to live in a particular habitat. They look great and it really got our minds thinking! 

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