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News 5.2.17

Year 3

In Maths Year 3 are learning about adding and subtracting money, so they may ask to borrow some money to play with! They have written their hot piece about Queen Mida and the silver touch, including conjunctions, direct speech and fronted adverbials. They have been using instructions in French during PE. In Science we learned about exo and endoskeletons and animal skeletons. In art we started to use watercolours to paint our animal pictures, we hope to finish these next week. We asked Mr Queenan lots of questions about mechanical engineering, ready to start writing our letters next week to persuade and convince the engineers to make the inventions the children have thought of. The pasta skeletons are on display.

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Picture 6

Year 4


In science this week we learned that the pitch of an instrument is how high or how low a sound is and is not its volume. We enjoyed the Star Wars Maths Show and have begun to divide numbers using the formal method in our maths lessons. The highlight of the week was Mr Queenan coming in an telling us about his time as an engineer. This aim of his visit was to inspire us to invent a new contraption for the Leaders Award.

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Picture 3

Year 5


We were inspired by Will's visit to class last week and have been creating inventions of our own.   We came up with some great ideas!  In English we have been writing letters of persuasion in an attempt to get our invention made into a prototype.  Some of our ideas include:


  • a 'Fr-Inter' - a 3D printer that creates fruit to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle
  • the 'Breadathon 3000' - a sandwich maker for busy people
  • a pair of 'Homework Shades' - designed to help children across the world complete their homework on time
  • the 'Marker Pen 1000' - a pen that helps pupils check their grammar, spelling and handwriting


Here are some of our other designs:


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Picture 2
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