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News 28.9.14

Year 3


Year 3 were working on using < and > to compare numbers this week. We created books on the iPad to explain what the symbols mean and showed how we use them with pictures of our work. We continued to learn about Diwali and created our own Diva lamps using clay. The children really enjoyed playing hockey with Mr.Ireland and their skills when playing matches are improving!



Year 4


This week Year 4 went back in time to investigate the discovery of Australia. We found the first Aboriginal people to live in Australia and we also met Captain James Cook. In art we have been exploring the different types of materials we could use to make our Aboriginal wall hangings. Look at the photos below to see how we got on. Natasha brought in her house hawk, which is called Martha, to show after school club. She is now fully grown and has extremely sharp talons.


Year 5


In year 5 this week we have been looking at the Viking gods. We have learnt all about Odin and why he only had one eye. We have started our descriptive writing topic in English and are learning how important description is to the reader. In maths we have been working on division, using the 'broken crossbar' method. 


Year 6


We have continued to explore Aztec times and learned about the first visit by the Spanish and the small pox outbreak which killed a quarter of the Aztec population. Well done to everyone who has represented school at sport this week and well done to our three councillors who have worked tirelessly to get the Bean Bag Grab up and running. Looks like fun!



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