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News 28.2.16

Year 4


This week in year 4 we were very excited to receive letters from...Her Majesty the Queen AND Ms Debbie Abrahams in the House of Commons. These were letters in response to our persuasive writing last term where we tried to persuade them to spend more money on flood defences. Although we didn't manage to get any more money spent, we did get a fantastic reply, especially from Ms Abrahams, who broke down the budgets for us and told us more about where money gets spent which was really interesting. We would like to thank them both for taking the time to reply to us. In Maths this week we have been learning to tell the time. At the beginning of the week, there was only a handful of us that could read an analogue clock, now ALL of us can read to the nearest quarter hour, with most of us being able to read to the nearest 5 minutes. Some of us were such whizzes at telling the time, that Mrs Spence gave us 'back to front' clocks and we had to work out the time on them! It was pretty tricky! In English, we have been learning how to change stories into playscripts and we have done really well with it. Mrs Spence hopes it will help us with understanding our school play scripts a little more. 

Year 6


We have begun writing balanced arguments in writing and learnt that they should have formal and impersonal language. In maths, we've been comparing fractions, decimals and percentages as well as practising finding symmetry in a shape and in a mirror line. Good luck to the 8 people who've been picked for the athletics team and we hope everybody gets their first choice secondary school on Tuesday.

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