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News 26.4.15

Year 6


8 school days to go before Sats! Make sure you look over your grammar, maths and spelling booklets for a few minutes every day and READ EVERY DAY. It will make all the difference in Sats week!


Year 5


Our first week back was great fun! We started our topic on the ancient Greeks and heard a great story about where the gods came from! We have also been looking at William Shakespeare in English. We have been reading a modern version of Romeo and Juliet, but the other day we had to translate the prologue from the real play into English as we speak it today. It was really difficult, but we worked so hard and found that we were able to work a lot of the meanings out! 

Year 4


This week Year 4 experienced an alien invasion! We analysed the evidence left by the aliens and started to plan a newspaper report. In Art we looked at the work of local artist called William Stott, who created beautiful landscape paintings. After we looked at some of the skills he used in his work, we went outside and had a go ourselves.

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