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News 24.4.16

Year 5 had lots of fun celebrating the Queens 90th birthday!

Year 6


The big news in Year 6 this week is that we are close to choosing this year's leavers' play. On Friday afternoon, a brave group stepped forward and passed the first audition: can you be heard in the hall? Everyone passed which means we have a main group of actors with the rest of the class happy to have minor parts or be backstage. The play that is currently favourite is Sleeping Beauty but if anyone can put forward an argument as to why it should be something else, this might change.


All plays can be found at this address:


Year 4


This week in year 4 we have continued to look at nonsense poems. We have learnt what 'Portmanteau' words are and have not only guessed what they mean, but created some of our own. We then rewrote the Jabberwocky using our own portmanteau words and they are fantastic! In Maths we have continued with our times table rap which we started before Easter - it's looking good! In topic we have learnt all about what life was like for the workers in the cotton Mills. We split into groups and became: Child workers, parents of child workers, overseers, mill owners and adult spinners. After learning about our own lives we had to show the rest of the class what our life was like in a short role play. We then interviewed each other and had to answer as if we were that character. It was so interesting to see the conditions that they had to work in! Especially the child workers - we couldn't imagine having to work that hard! On Thursday it was the Queen's birthday so we all designed our own royal stamp. In addition to this, we have started making our own teddy bears with Mrs Shirtcliffe.

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