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News 24.01.2016

Year 6


In English, we have begun to write our ghost/mystery stories and so far have written an atmospheric opening. In maths, we've been rounding whole and decimal numbers as well as dividing and multiplying numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. Mr Ireland continues to be impressed with our efforts in PE and in a few weeks he will be picking an athletics team for our annual tournament at Crompton House. Finally, Mrs Banham has begun our modern history topic which certainly captured the imagination. Below are some pictures from recent activities.

Year 3


This week Year 3 have been hard at work on division calculations and word problems. After a week of work on division calculations and using grouping as a strategy, we started to look at writing our own word problems. We then tested them to make sure they worked, before asking our friends to solve them. You can see some photos of this below.


We spent some more time looking at 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' and we wrote some very impressive blurbs for the story. After looking at the one included with the book, we decided that it could be improved. We studied the features of an effective blurb, then planned and wrote our own. I was so impressed. Some of us took our work to show Mrs. Sheridan, whilst Harrison's blurb included a sentence that had both a fronted adverbial and a simile! Wow!


Finally, we rounded off the week by completing our sketches, and experimenting with colour and shade to make them more realistic and effective.


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