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News 23.4.17

Year 5


Recently in class we have been investigating the types of food that would have been available in ancient China, some 3000 years ago.  Each group had a tray of different food types.  We smelt each one in turn to see if we could recognise them or asked if they reminded us of any foodstuff we may have eaten already.  


We looked closely at them to see if we had seen them in the supermarket or eaten them before.  


The foods were: 

wheat grains

cottage cheese

star anise

fresh ginger

tea leaves

pak choi


Some of the food we really liked and we all agreed that star anise reminds us of liquorice.

 We also thought that fresh ginger smells like lemon!







This week was Bikeability week. 17 of the class wanted to take part and learned a lot over the two days. The instructors were very impressed with their mature approach which meant that they were allowed to ride on the main roads around school. Well done everybody. In science this week, we learned about the different types of teeth we have and what their jobs are. We also learned why carnivores and herbivores have different teeth due to their different diets. 
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