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News 2.2.14

Year 3

Year 3 have been continuing their work on Myths and Legends this week. We continued to find out about Thor and created our own mythical weapons. When we were done, we wrote a story about how Thor used his weapon to defeat a mythical creature. In maths we were investigating number using Numicon and the children enjoyed playing practical mathematical games!

Year 4
This week Year 4 have been making their own PowerPoint presentations about their favourite planet in our solar system. In English we have looked at stories with dilemmas and discussed what we would do when faced with different problems.

Year 5

In year 5 this week we have been working hard with our year 1 buddies, enlarging a picture onto huge wooden boards! We did this using co-ordinates - we measured the boards and drew a grid on them before transferring the picture into the new co-ordinate. We have started painting them and they look great! Also this week we had our China day! We had a huge amount of fun, a lady called Theresa came and told us all about: Chinese New Year, Chinese music, calligraphy, origami and paper cutting. We even had a go ourselves! See our pictures below! 

Year 6

Well done to everyone in the class who has played sport this week for the school or who practised for the athletics team on Thursday. Even though it was cold and raining at times, (comma) you all did your very best and we're proud of you. We've enjoyed writing our newspaper reports and look forward to finishing them off next week. We've had many things reportedly found at Rushcroft: treasure, Michael Jackson, unexploded WW2 bombs and even a George Best football top!
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