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News 20.3.16

Year 6


Year 6 have worked tirelessly this term and are looking forward to a well deserved break. This week, we began writing letters of complaint after reading some very forthright, and quite funny, hotel reviews on tripadvisor. Some of us went to Oldham Academy to take part in the Ability Roadshow and we had a fantastic time there. We're all up to speed on pie charts and can read them, draw them and even eat them...well, not eat them. It's been a long term.

Year 4


This week in year 4 we have started talking about stories that raise issues or dilemmas and we had a very interesting class discussion about Ruby Bridges and the issues raised with her story. In Maths we have been practicing times tables by creating interesting and funny raps. Some of us were born performers! In Science we have been continuing to look at habitats and in particular started looking at minibeasts. We went on a minibeast hunt in the wildlife garden, looking under stones, in leaves and digging up soil. We were amazed at how many different animals were living there.When we found some we had to look at what their habitat was like and what features they had. Some of them had an exoskeleton as they are invertebrates - we found it really interesting! Check out our photos below. In topic, we have been looking at earthquakes and learning what causes them. We made some fantastic posters showing people how to survive one too. A big thank you to Mrs Banham who managed to get us each a bag of volcanic ash from the Eyjafjallajökull (Iceland) eruption in 2010, following our lesson with her last week. 

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