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News 20.10.13

Year 6

We have finally met our buddies. They are very small and can be found in Reception. Thank you to Mrs Naylor for organising our visit and hopefully we will meet up a lot more during the rest of the year (pictures coming soon). Well done to Year 6 as well for being very helpful during the Super Sandy Wipeout. A lot of staff have commented on how grown up you were and how you helped the event go really well.

Year 4

Super Sandy Wipeout was a success! Well done to all the children in Year 4 who remembered to bring in containers to carry sand around the obstacle course. Look at the photos below. 

Year 5

This week in year 5 we have been learning all about fractions - and we found that they aren't as hard as we thought! We can now find out what fraction is shaded, what the equivilent fraction is and some of us even know what mixed and improper fractions are! We have finished writing our biographies about Mr Coyle and next week we hope to write one more about another member of staff. The Dunwood park crew got VERY muddy, check out our pictures to see some of the activites we did. We also had a Super Sandy Wipeout on Friday to raise money. We all did really well with Maggie carrying the most in the class at a whopping 8800g! Well done Maggie. 

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