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News 19.6.16

Year 3


On Wednesday we had a trip to Manchester Museum. We spent the morning having a general look around. There were all kinds of things to look at, from crossbows to stuffed animals to live animals, including colourful poison-dart frogs, a green tree python & a panther chameleon! We even found the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex downstairs amongst the fossils!

After an early lunch, we met up with Hannah from the museum for an Egyptology workshop. She showed us some REAL Egyptian artefacts & we had to identify them. These included things like jewellery, cooking utensils & a pot for make-up! She told us about the mummy of a real Egyptian woman they had on display in the Museum. We had a look at her in the Egyptian gallery - her skin was black & you could still see her toe nails! We had to use ipads to take photos of things around the gallery that she might like to have with her in the Afterlife.

The museum has lots of interesting things to see & entry is free, so do go & have a look if you get the chance. It has a cafe & a shop - we bought pyramids, crystals, scarab beetles & all sorts of things to keep us busy on the coach on the way home! All in all, it was a great day out!

Year 4


This week we have continued to look at decimals and are now matching them to fractions. In English, we have been using 'Talk for Writing' to improve our work and add extra detail to our sentences. In Science, we have been looking at circuits. First, we looked at different pictures and predicted whether they were a circuit of not. We had to explain our thoughts, before making each 'circuit' and testing them. Check out our pictures below. Well done to Hannah, Emily and Casey, who got 9/10 of their predictions correct. Well don't to Harley who received his handwriting pen licence this week.


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