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News 19.3.17

Year 4


We learned a lot from our Forensics Workshop and would like to thank Mrs Shirtcliffe for organising it all for everyone in school. Amongst other things this week, we've finally finished our persuasive letters which should be heading home next week and we've also put the finishing touches to our Fairtrade jigsaws which look fantastic. There are lots of picture below of the forensic activity and a couple of children with their jigsaw boxes.


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Year 5

In maths this week we have been looking at decimals.  We have been finding the sum of decimal values (adding) and finding the difference between the value of two given decimals (subtracting).  Subtracting some values we found tricky to begin with but using Base 10 apparatus really helped!  We know that it is important to keep the decimal point in the correct place!

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This week we have been comparing the lifestyle of a Year 5 pupil living in rural China with that of our own.  Living in rural China means that farming is the livelihood of many families.  For some farmers, this means that heavy rainfall results in their land being flooded and crops being washed away, along with their homes.


In groups we were set the problem of how to stop rivers from flooding - or how we could minimize the damage that rainwater can cause.  Our first attempt was unsuccessful; we built a model to represent the fields and let the water flow through.  Each of us ended up with a flood  at the bottom of the tray.  Talking the problem through in our group helped and we decided that diverting the river into irrigation channels was the answer.  


See how we got on:

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