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News 17.4.16

Year 6


Year 6 are working incredibly hard at the moment for their GCSEs, sorry, their KS2 Sats tests which are coming up very soon. Well done to everybody, especially those of you who've stayed for the revision sessions which have been very productive. We began to flag a bit as the week went on but our spirits were lifted when it was announced that the Lightwater Valley trip will only cost £5. Prepare for your day  by using the link below:


Year 4


In year 4 this week we have started looking at nonsense poems in English. We have looked through the 'Jabberwocky' by Lewis Caroll and have been trying to work out what the strange words could mean. As well as this, we have worked out what words were verbs/adjectives/nouns just by looking at the sentence structure. Some of us even performed the poem in small groups and Mrs Spence was very impressed. In Maths we have started looking at basic fractions and their equivalent fractions. We created fraction flags and then investigated equivalent fractions using lego, paper folding, and paper strips. We created our own fraction walls too. Check out our pictures below. In Science we looked at food chains and food webs. In class we created food webs with pictures and string and some of us went to the ICT suite to create an interactive one in powerpoint. There are some pictures below of our string ones. Our new topic is the Local area. Thank you to Casey whose granddad sent some pictures in, and we learnt that Oldham is where the first ever test tube baby was successfully created. Well done to everyone who completed their Bikeability this week and a huge congratulations to Evie who learned to ride her bike and was cycling round the playground with confidence. 

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