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News 17.1.16

Year 6


In science this week, we learnt about the colours of the spectrum and how they are contained in white light. We also looked at how tiny water droplets in the sky can cause rainbows by acting like mini-prisms. In maths, we learnt how to find the mean (average) of a set of data and in writing, we have drafted our winter personification poems which should be finished this week and, fingers crossed, available to hear on this website very soon...

Year 5


We have had a great week in Year 5. We started the week working on our planet Earth art. We found out which features were visible from Space and created an artistic impression of the Earth from space. We continued to find out about the other planets in our solar system and identified what makes each planet unique. The children loved their visit from the Police and local PCSO, we learned a lot about what the police do and how they help us. We also got to meet the police dogs, Charlotte and Gee. 

Year 4


In year 4 this week we have been very busy! We have learnt how to read and plot co-ordinates and have battled each other in games of battleships. In addition to this we are continuing to improve our mental maths skills with a weekly test on general mathematics. This week we repeated a test from the beginning of the year and nearly all of us improved our score by a long way! In English, we have started our letters to the government, persuading them to spend more money on flood defences. Mrs Spence is extremely impressed with our persuasive skills and they way in which we are structuring our letters. In Geography, we have been learning about rivers and have now seen what journey a river takes from its source to its mouth. We picked up the vocabulary really well. 


Year 3/4 police visit


On Wednesday, we were lucky enough to have a visit from the police, including an officer, a PCSO and a prison guard. We learnt so much in two hours. We learnt about what emergency/non emergency numbers to call and when. We learnt what to do if threatened by anyone on the street or offered something we shouldn't be. We found it very amusing when Mr Edwards and Mrs Spence had to put on the 'under the influence goggles', they had to do lots of activities but were very disorientated and uncoordinated. It was funny to watch, but then we learnt how important it is to seek help if we see someone behaving this way as it means they are not safe. At the end, we were allowed to meet Charlotte the drugs dog, who works in the prison and learnt all about what she does. Then we met Gee - who was much bigger and when she was in 'work mode' she was very scary! Mrs Spence had to put on a biting sleeve and the police tricked her into thinking they would set the dog on her. After this, Paul put the sleeve on and showed us how it worked! We learnt that if police are ever around with a dog, we must show ourselves straight away as you wouldn't want them to find you and bite you. Finally, Paul took the dog out of work mode to show us what a lovely dog she was. It was an amazing morning and we would like to thank the police service for the morning. It was fantastic! 

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