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News 16.3.14

Year 3

Year 3 have been writing pirate stories this week. We were inspired by our World Book Day activities and decided to continue to write pirate stories of our own! The children produced their own book with illustrations. We started to learn the rules to Netball in PE and played some pretty competitive matches. We continued to practice for the Easter production, most of the children know their lines off by heart and are becoming impressive actors and actresses. The production will take place on Wednesday 2nd April, letters will be going out soon with more information and costumes.

Year 6

We've begun to look at the life of Napoleon and what things were like in revolutionary France at the end of the 18th century. We've got to the night before the Battle of Waterloo. Could he escape if he wanted to?


PLEASE DON'T FORGET YOUR T SHIRTS ON WEDNESDAY. One of Mr Coyle's good ideas might actually work!!

Year 5

In year 5 this week we have been finishing off our persuasive letters about our hobbies. Miss Groome brought her snowboard in for us to see - and some of us had time to try it on! We also had a visit from our class governor Councillor Murphy, he brought his (and the lady's) medallion with him - so we got to try that on as well! In maths we have been creating memorable raps for our times tables, our actions are very funny! Some of us went to Crompton House school for a handball tournament. We came joint first, but unfortunately list on goal difference. Miss Groome and Mr Ireland were incredibly proud of us - we were a great team! 

Forest Skills

This week we had to use our initiative and teamwork skills. We had to build a free standing stick tower as tall as we could. We tried several different ways, but soon learnt that we needed to make a strong base. Check out our pictures to see who made the tallest one! 

Year 4

What a busy week for Year 4! On Monday we all went to the Queen Elizabeth Hall and learnt some new musical pieces, which we later performed for our parents. On Tuesday some members of Year 4 tried out for the Rushcroft Swimming Team. Congratulations to those who were selected. Play practice is coming along well but we need to ensure we know all our lines! 

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