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News 16.10.16

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Year 3

Some children acted out Rumpelstiltskin as part of our folk/fairy tale genre. The children decorated their Diva lamps and in Science they carried out an investigation into how shadows change when the distance between the light source and the object (a tennis ball) changed. We tried to make it a fair test by keeping all other variables the same. The children have now got a copy of our class 8 times table song.

Year 4


We had a really busy week. In Science, we et sup an evaporation experiment where the only variable we changed was the type of container. During the week, we measured our results and will come to a conclusion on Monday. It was messy and in the end we decided it was a difficult experiment to measure as we lost drips and drops here and there. Our boats are almost complete and we are looking forward to sailing them next week at Castleshaw. The pictures of us making them will be online next week some time.

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