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News 15.12.13

Year 4

This week Year 4 held a bun sale at school and we managed to raise £32.27! This money will be put towards the materials we need in order to make our 3D posters about the Great Barrier Reef. Year 4 would like to thank everybody who bought a bun!

Year 6

We had fun on Monday devising fair tests to see how much Carbon Dioxide is given off when you add yeast, warm water and different sugary substances. The classroom smelt like a brewery afterwards but it was worth it! Mr Sheridan concocted his own nuclear version which is still standing!

Year 5

This week in year 5 we have been finishing our recounts about George Mallory and Andrew Irvine. We have all been trying our best in our Maths and Reading assessments too. In the run up to Christmas we have made snow globes - check out our pictures to see some! 


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