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News 15.1.17

Year 3 have been writing a story map for the Greek myth Midas and acting out the story line. In Science we have been learning about our skeletons, what they do and the scientific names for the bones. We just have to finish labelling our pasta skeletons. In Maths we have been weighing the mass of items around the classroom using g and Kg.

Year 4


This week we began our "sound" topic in Science. It was very interesting as we went around school thinking about all the sounds we take for granted and the sources of those sounds. We've begun our snooker dance in PE and a big well done to Harrison and Rian who could definitely be snooker balls in another universe. We've enjoyed continuing with our Romans topic with Mrs Banham and, after all our DT work before Christmas, it was nice to get the paints out with Mrs Jennings and start looking at mixing colours.

Year 5


This week in Maths we have been learning to read and interpret data shown in tables and line graphs.  The data has included flight times, train time tables and how popular some items are at certain periods.  We went on to use the data to create questions of our own.  

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