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News 15.11.15

Year 6


In computing, we've begun to make a three-level game and have already done some debugging while creating our algorithms. Year 6 were all very confident that they would remember their usernames and passwords from the week can guess what happened next. We enjoyed more time with our buddies (see below), organised a bit of quadrilateral dating and are over halfway through our Trolls of Vik stories which are looking really good.


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Year 5


We have had a busy and brilliant week in Year 5! We started the week with an investigation about states of matter in science! The children were classifying different items as solids, liquids or gas. In maths we have been learning about place value and attempting to answer problems. On Wednesday some of the children planned and taught a lesson to the others. We also wrote letters to Demi Stokes to thank her for her visit last week. Finally in topic we've been reading 'War Game' by Michael Foreman, which is a story about a group of footballers during World War 1. We looked at propaganda posters and thought about how we'd feel if we were a young man in 1914. In art we designed some of our own posters which turned out very well.

Year 3


This week, Year 3 have been beginning work on multiplication. We began by revisiting grouping strategies by using practical apparatus and pictorial sketches and jottings, before moving on to using number lines and using the 'repeated addition' method. You can see some of our methods and images of some of us at work below.


In our English work we have been discovering the features of non-chronological reports in addition to writing some of our own about our continuing topic of Diwali. We learnt about using subheadings, pictures and captions, as well as writing effective openings and closings. We even tried to use conditional sentences, and some of us attempted to use subordinate clauses. I am very impressed with how many of Year 3 remember and use these terms. Once upon a time, children would leave secondary school without such technical knowledge of the English language!


On Monday afternoon, we made Sweets for Diwali, the traditional Indian sweet 'coconut ladoos'. We made these delicious treats by mixing a small amount of condensed milk with a great deal of desiccated coconut, before shaping them into balls and leaving them to set. Most children agreed that they were delicious and reminded them of a Bounty bar. Yum!

Year 4


It's been a sad week in year 4 as we have lost one of our friends. We would like to wish Kimberley all the best for her new school, we hope she has as much fun there as she did here. You will be missed! 


In English, we have been writing information texts about our hobbies and the Romans. We learnt how to use publisher and created some excellent leaflets. In Maths, we have continued with our times tables and have started to look at multiplication methods for bigger numbers. In science we have started planning an investigation to look at muffling sound and discussed why this might be important.We also started a new class book this week, which we are all very excited about. It's a Michael Morpurgo book all about a boy who saves puppies from a bag on a canal. Some of us have looked at comprehension questions based on the text and did really well. 

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