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News 13.3.16

Year 6


We've really been enjoying our history topic with Mrs Banham. This week we learned about technology and how it has changed over the last 70 years or so. In maths, we have been getting to grips with all forms of angles and are now very confident drawing and measuring angles all the way up to 360 degrees. Our balanced arguments are finished and we'll be moving on to letter-writing this week.

Year 4


We have continued looking at time during maths, but this week has been more problem solving based. We have had to convert time measurements and work out how much time has passed in different problems. We also went to the ICT suite and looked at and had lots of questions and problems to solve using the site. We had to work out the times in different countries around the world and set questions for each other. Mrs Spence was very impressed with how hard we worked on this. In English, we pretended that we were in Pompeii AD79 and wrote a diary entry (from the dead) and also a playscript. They were fantastic! With Mrs Banham on Friday, we looked at how volcanoes erupt - and even had a go with a model that was kindly brought in by Olivia! 

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