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News 13.10.13

Year 4

Year 4 have been using an ipad app called Popplet to show off their impressive knowledge of the human skeleton! We have also been improving our subtracting skills in Mathematics. Miss Mears would like to say a massive well done to Bradley for being Star of the Week this week! Keep up the good work.

Year 5

This week in year 5, we have had a snake visit us! Olivia was beautiful and very well behaved, doing her owner (our class governor, Councillor Murphey) proud. We have been learning about area and perimeter, impressing Miss Groome with how much we knew! We have interviewed Mr Coyle and are currently writing a biography about his life. On Thursday some of us went to Dunwood Park to learn some forest skills. We had to identify different trees by their leaves and learn about which ones were safe to climb. We learnt about different types of fungi and animals that live in the forest and are looking forward to our next session. Have a look at our photos to see! 

Year 6

We had a good week and have written some very descriptive passages about the decline of the Aztecs. We learned that they welcomed the Spanish conquistadors at first before realising later on that they weren't really gods at all despite their shiny armour. This led to use writing about La Noche Triste when the Spanish were heavily beaten by the Aztecs who were trying to stop all their gold being taken.

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