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News 11.10.15

Year 5


This week we have been writing newspaper articles about the Berlin wall. We've also had a debate about whether or not girls can play football. There were some interesting opinions in class and everyone debated using excellent listening skills and the correct language. Next week we look forward to doing more work about women's football. In mathematics we have continued to problem solve with addition, including decimal numbers. The children created some excellent models of decimal numbers on Friday with Mrs. Banham. We designed our piece of the card for Mr. Wybrow our neighbour, who is turning 100 years old this weekend. Year 5 were also very interested to find out about famous events of the last 100 years and were amazed at how things had changed since 1915. Jessica and Jacob had the honour of delivering the card with Mr. Kearney and Mrs. Jennings. 

Year 4


In year 4 this week we have been writing our own stories to explain why tigers have stripes. We have some fantastic ideas:

-Tigers being pushed onto a barbeque by other animals

- Tigers being attacked by a squid and squirted with ink

- Show tigers getting stuck in hoops of fire

And many more! We will finish them off next week before looking at Romlus and Remus and finding out why they are important. We have continued subtraction and times table work in maths and are moving on to column subtraction next week. In Science we learnt all about the ear and how we hear. Mrs Spence was amazed at what we remembered the next day as it's hard learning the parts of the ear. For National Poetry day on Thursday, we chanted a gladiator poem and we also looked at poems in the ICT suite. For each poem, we had to answer comprehension questions and we did really well. Check out our pictures below. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6


Year 3


This week, Year 3 have continued their work on our Diwali topic and as part of our work we have started to explore the Hindu faith more widely. We started out by looking at and learning the basic outline of the Hindu creation story. Later in the week we re-told parts of it, making sure we added fronted adverbials where we could. Next week we will write our own versions of this story as part of our unit of work on myths.


We even managed to perform our onomatopoeic Diwali poems, which we wrote a few weeks ago, for World Poetry Day on Thursday. We thought about trying to match some of the onomatopoeic words in our poems to the sounds made by different percussive instruments. Co-ordinating our reading of the poems and the playing of instruments was quite tricky, but we all managed to perform to varying degrees of success! You can hear some of our performances below.


In maths, we continued our work on subtraction and the use of the empty number line to support our calculations. Most of us can now subtract in tens and ones from any 2 digit, and in some cases, 3 digit number in this way. We needed to make sure we remembered what we had learned about place value to allow us to do this.


We rounded off our busy week by looking at Indian style block printing. We made our own printing blocks from plasticine, and attempted to create patterns by scoring and gouging, before using them with poster paints to print. We discovered the importance of making sure our printing blocks had flat faces and that the depth of indentation was sufficient. Next week we will improve our printing blocks and make our final designs.





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HV DF.wma

LR JB.wma


NJ ML.wma

RA HS v1.wma

Year 6


We finally got to meet our new buddies this week and we're looking forward to helping them in their first year of primary school.  In science we learnt about making bulbs brighter and dimmer by changing components in the circuit. We have started to write our biographies about Bob Starman and have been including passive verbs, semi-colons and all manner of weird and wonderful grammatical features. Finally, we worked hard to understand roman numerals and most of us can now read them up to M. If you want to practise, follow this link which will take you to a site that converts numbers into numerals:





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