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News 10.5.15

Year 4


Even though it has been a short week, we have managed to fit in lots of quality work. We created our own newspaper report in English and had to make sure we included all the correct features. In Art we looked closely at sketching a landscape using different tones. At first we found this quite tricky but we persevered and produced some wonderful images. 

Year 5


It's been a short week with the bank holiday and Polling day - but we still managed to pack in lots of work. In maths, we have been measuring the length/weight of items around the classroom, with some of us converting this into other measurements. In English/Topic, we have learnt about the Trojan War which we then wrote a newspaper article about. Miss Groome was really impressed with how many facts we remembered. 

Year 6


Well done to everyone in the class who has worked hard in the run up to Sats. We'll be able to focus on other subjects after Thursday and Miss Groome will be telling you who has which part in the play. A big well done to the football teams who've played recently: the girls had a tricky start but learned a lot from their defeat to St Luke's; the boys played some excellent football but still ended up on the losing side. Sometimes you can try your heart out and it's still not enough!

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