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News 10.1.16

Year 6


A big thank you to Mrs Wiswell who kick-started our new history topic by telling us all about life in the 1950s and 1960s and also taught us some old playground games such as hopscotch. We've worked hard in maths this week and are much more confident with our square and prime numbers. We also had an artistic start to the new term by looking at the colour wheel (primary, secondary and tertiary colours) and painting a self-portrait in Matisse's fauvist style.


Year 4


This week we have been learning how to divide by 'chunking'. We use our 'partial tables' to work out chunks of numbers and then subtract these from the number we are dividing. We have really mastered the method really well and are now completing tricky sums! In English, we are looking at persuasive writing. We had a class debate on Wednesday about whether children should have play-times or not. Even though we decided we should still have play-times, the against argument was extremely strong! We are going to use our persuasive skills to try and persuade the local MP to spend more money on flood defenses to prevent further flood victims in the UK in the future. 

Year 3


It was the first week back, and Year 3 were hard at work from the outset. We began the week by learning and researching facts about different animals and their habitats as part of our work on our new topic of animals. In English, we wrote and improved our own short non-chronological reports about the animals we had learned about, incorporating some of the facts that we had researched earlier in the week using the iPads. We carried the animal theme through to our art work, where we began to use the 'grid method' to accurately and carefully sketch familiar animals. We had to think carefully about our use of line, shade and space. You can see some of ourfantastic sketches in progress in the photos below.


In maths, we began to learn about using the 'grouping' method to divide 2 digit numbers by different divisors. We began this using practical apparatus such as multi-link cubes. Using such equipment helped the children visualise how to solve the calculations and to find the quotients  more easily. Next week we will look at using bead strings and other representations before we move on to empty number lines. You can see some photographs of some of the children hard at work below.

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