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Mrs Taylor Pastoral Manager

It's here again, the last term of the year which I'm sure will be full of trips, treats and tears as we say goodbye to our year 6 children and send them off to high school..........................................


Here are some of the things planned for this term:-


Year 6 Transition information


Packs will be sent home this term to support with the transition from Primary to High School.


You will find all the bus and metrolink information you need including routes, times, ticket prices and day savers at the Travel for Greater Manchester website:-


The ‘IGO’ Pass


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the ‘igo pass’ – every child aged 11-16 who goes to school in the Greater Manchester area, must have and ‘igo pass’ to travel for the concessionary child bus fare.  If your child does not have the pass they will be charged full adult fare which is substantially more.


You can find information about how to apply for any IGO Pass via the link below or complete and post the application form in your childs pack.


Should you have any concerns or are unsure about anything please come and see us in school I am  sure we will be able to put your mind at ease.


Key Stage 2 Homework Club

Homework Club for Key Stage 2 children is on Tuesdays and Thursday lunchtimes.  If your child does not have access to the internet or you struggle to motivate them to work at home they are welcome to come to Homework Club.  They can use the computers or take part in one of the other Educational activities available to them.


They quite like the biscuits too!


Book Swap - Dates to be agreed, watch this space.


Reading Mentors - We will be pairing up some of our Year 5 children to be Reading Mentors for some Year 2 children in the new school year. This proved quite successful last year and the children are keen to start again.

Parent - Reading Mentors -  Our Parent Reading Mentors are well underway with their work with year 1 and 2 children.  The Parents have been trained by our Literacy expert Mrs Mckenna and the children are really enjoying their reading sessions.


If any parents are interested in becoming Reading Mentors please come and see me.


Below are some contact numbers for various professionals you may find useful.


Childline 0800 1111


101 Police Non emergency number

You should call 101 to report crime and other concerns that do not require an emergency response. For example, if:

  • Your car has been stolen
  • Your property has been damaged
  • You suspect drug use or dealing in your area


Food Bank - Oldham 0161 622 1061


MIND Counselling Service provide 1:1 support, phone consultation and a referral service for adults and young people:-

0161 330 9223

Tel: 116 123


Suicide Prevention Hotline 0800 273 8255


Domestic Violence Hotline 0800 799 7233


Social Care/MASH Team  0161 770 7777

(for safeguarding concerns and advice)


CAHMS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) For advice and or referral ring:- 0161 716 2020 - bereavement support

Oldham Bereavement Support 0161 627 8207


Early Help Team 0161 770 6672

for self referral please contact the number above or email  

The Early Help Team can help with a wide range of issues varying from finances, housing and parenting.


School Nurse if you need advice about your childs health please feel free to give the school nurses a call on 0161 621 7566


03448 472 638


Gaming and Online Safety

this website is endorsed by the National Crime Agency and has lots of advice and tips to help keep our children safe online. 

a website the children are familiar with for games, tips and advice for all ages.


Internet Safety - 0844 3814772



Facebook Safety Centre - 0844381477


CEOP (Child Exploitation Online Protection)

to report any online concerns


Stress & Anxiety Tips


Tips for under 5's


Put your phone away ......... and spend time with your child

Tune into anything they show an interest in ......... and share their curiosity

Manage your own anxiety ............... through breathing deeply, meditating or writing your feelings in a journal, so you're calm, patient and emotionally available to your child.

Name and describe everyday feelings .............. for example "I'm so excited, my tummy feels full of butterflies".  This helps your child connect with their own feelings.

Use simple books ........... about feelings so your child can begin to understand and learn about emotions.


Tips for 5-10 Year Old's


Take time out ......... of busy schedules to ease the pressure on you and your child so you have the space to just enjoy each other's company.

Show physical support ....... through hugs, hand holding.

See your G.P. ............ first without your child so they are not hearing conversations about 'there being something wrong', which they might misinterpret as 'I am wrong'.

Speak to your childs school .............. they may be able to offer support or refer to outside professionals.

Don't expect anything back .............. from your child and prepare to be patient.

If you do lose patience ..............  and shout or behave in an unkind way, tell your child you are sorry and explain why you reacted that way.  Don't blame your child for your lack of self-control.


Tips to Help Teens


Don't Panic ............. or blame yourself.  Depression is one of the most common Mental Health problems in teenagers.

Tell your child ........... you are there to support them and are proud of them.  Try to encourage them to try new things.

See your G.P.......... who can do a brief screening and if appropriate refer your teen to a local child and adolescent mental health service

Speak to school......... they may be able to offer support or refer to outside professionals.

Gently encourage ......... your child to get some exercise - even a short walk might help.

Access advice and support .......... from 

As always if need help, support or advice please do not hesitate to come in and see me or give me a call.


Tracy Taylor

Pastoral Manager


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