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Mrs Taylor Pastoral Manager

Welcome back everyone, this term is a short one but crammed full of things for you and the children to join in with............................ 


Book Swap -  the next Book Swap will be on Wednesday 7th February in Year 6 Classroom, I will send a reminder out shortly beforehand.


Homework Club - Homework club will now be during Tuesday lunchtimes for all Key Stage 2 children.  The children can come and complete their frogplay homework, read, practice spellings or take part in any of the various activities available.  


If your finding it difficult to get your child to do schoolwork at home please have a chat with their teacher or give me a call.


The club is very popular, the children help and support each other and I think they quite like the biscuits too !!!


Reading & Maths Mentors - On Monday and Thursday lunchtimes our Year 5 and 6 children will be supporting some of our Year 2 children with their maths and reading.


Parent Reading Mentors  - With the success of the programme last term our specially trained parents will be continuing the Mentor programme across school.  If any parents are interested in becoming a reading mentor please contact the office. 


Yoga Factory

Mrs Florence is holding Yoga Factory classes outside school. Please contact Mrs Florence directly on the contact details under Relax Kids if you are interested. 

Thornham St James Church hall
There will be a block 8 sessions 5.00pm – 6.00pm meeting 4th Tuesday of each month
Tues 24th April 2018
Tues 22nd May
Tues 26th June
Tues 24th July
Tues 28th August
Tues 25th September
Tues 23rd October
Tues 27th November
Max 12 places
Cost £40


Relax Kids 


Due to the popularity of the class in school our very own Mrs Florence is now running a Relax Kids class outside school.  Please see details below if you are interested:-


Sessions are held at........

Thornham St James church hall, 
Thornham Lane
Fridays 5pm - 6pm 
Max 12 children

Please contact Mrs Florence direct 
Landline 01706 415985  
Mobile 07903537631



Help & Support

Here are some numbers and websites you may find useful:-


Food Bank - Oldham 0161 622 1061

Food Bank - Rochdale 01706 713701 - bereavement support

Oldham Bereavement Support 0161 627 8207

Winstons Wish support for children who have lost a parent or sibling - freephone 08088 020021 or

Tel: 116 123


Suicide Prevention Hotline 0800 273 8255


Domestic Violence Hotline 0800 799 7233

Families Greater Together - can support with current or historical domestic violence



Childline 0800 1111

NSPCC also have lots of information and advice if you have concerns  google NSPCC


Early Help Team 0161 770 6672

for self referral please contact the number above or email  

The Early Help Team can help with a wide range of issues varying from finances, housing and behaviour.


101 Police Non emergency number

You should call 101 to report crime and other concerns that do not require an emergency response. For example, if:

  • Your car has been stolen
  • Your property has been damaged
  • You suspect drug use or dealing in your area


MIND Counselling Service provide 1:1 support, phone consultation and a referral service for adults and young people:-

0161 330 9223


Social Care/MASH Team  0161 770 7777

(for safeguarding concerns and advice)



Gaming and Digital Safety 


Internet Safety 

Please see the bottom of the page for social media tips for all those new devices and games consoles given as presents this year. We can always benefit from some extra info.  If you have any concerns around internet safety please come and see  us.

this website is endorsed by the National Crime Agency and has lots of advice and tips to help keep our children safe online. 

a website the children are familiar with for games, tips and advice for all ages.


Internet Safety - 0844 3814772



Facebook Safety Centre - 0844381477


CEOP (Child Exploitation Online Protection)

to report any online concerns


Stress & Anxiety Tips


Tips for under 5's


Put your phone away ......... and spend time with your child

Tune into anything they show an interest in ......... and share their curiosity

Manage your own anxiety ............... through breathing deeply, meditating or writing your feelings in a journal, so you're calm, patient and emotionally available to your child.

Name and describe everyday feelings .............. for example "I'm so excited, my tummy feels full of butterflies".  This helps your child connect with their own feelings.

Use simple books ........... about feelings so your child can begin to understand and learn about emotions.


Tips for 5-10 Year Old's


Take time out ......... of busy schedules to ease the pressure on you and your child so you have the space to just enjoy each other's company.

Show physical support ....... through hugs, hand holding.

See your G.P. ............ first without your child so they are not hearing conversations about 'there being something wrong', which they might misinterpret as 'I am wrong'.

Speak to your childs school .............. they may be able to offer support or refer to outside professionals.

Don't expect anything back .............. from your child and prepare to be patient.

If you do lose patience ..............  and shout or behave in an unkind way, tell your child you are sorry and explain why you reacted that way.  Don't blame your child for your lack of self-control.


Tips to Help Teens


Don't Panic ............. or blame yourself.  Depression is one of the most common Mental Health problems in teenagers.

Tell your child ........... you are there to support them and are proud of them.  Try to encourage them to try new things.

See your G.P.......... who can do a brief screening and if appropriate refer your teen to a local child and adolescent mental health service

Speak to school......... they may be able to offer support or refer to outside professionals.

Gently encourage ......... your child to get some exercise - even a short walk might help.

Access advice and support .......... from 

As always come and see me or give me a call should you need any advice and support.


Tracy Taylor

Pastoral Manager


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