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Mrs Sheridan's Message


Dear All

I am delighted to inform you we have our 3rd parent governor : Mrs K Kierans, mother of Y1 pupil.

She will join Mr D Reeves, Miss A Morris and Mrs H Williams.


Mrs Sheridan



A big well done to Year 6 for putting on a wonderful play on Thursday. Shakespeare can be a challenge at any age but they proved that they could rise to the challenge. All lines were learned and delivered clearly and there were some superb acting performances from a number of children who could quite easily go on to bigger and better things on the stage should they wish to. Thank you to Miss Jackson and her team of teachers and TAs who helped the children over the last few weeks.



Mrs J E Sheridan


Dear All

Have you seen the email regarding parent governors?

We need 3 parent governors, could you be 1 of them.

This is a very important role. The Governors are responsible for ensuring standards are maintained at Rushcroft and with the exciting new future for Rushcroft as part of a federation now is the time we need dedicated governors who will ensure the childrens needs are kept at the heart of everything that happens at Rushcroft.

If you would like more information please come and see me.


Jane Sheridan


Dear All


For the last 12 years I have been very fortunate to work at Rushcroft Primary and honoured to have been the Head Teacher of such a wonderful school with keen enthusiastic children, hardworking dedicated staff and Governors and very supportive parents.


smiley       indecision           smiley         smiley           smiley

After 40 years in Education and Teaching I have decided the time has come for me to retire and it is with some sadness that I am informing you I will be leaving at the end of the school year.




Mrs J E Sheridan


Dear Parents

The Dfe have produced an information leaflet and 2 videos for parents of children in years 2 and 6 about national curriculum assessments. The purpose of these materials is to help parents understand more about the end of key stage assessments that will be administered in primary schools in May.

They provide basic information about the purpose and format of the tests, how parents can best support their children and how results will be reported.


The videos can be found at

the booklet can be found at


I wish you all a very happy Easter and look forward to seeing you when we return to school on Monday 16th April.


Mrs J E Sheridan

March 2018

School will be open on Monday 5th March when we will celebrate World Book Day - remember to come dressed as your favourite character. 


We will be celebrating the children who have read over  200 times in assembly this week. These children have read every single day  since September, some have read twice a day.  


Reading is such an important skill as it unlocks all the other elements of the curriculum. Reading expectations have altered drastically over the last few years. The depth of reading, understanding and inference skills needed is far higher than any thing children have needed ever before. Please help your child. The more they read, the better they read. It is like swimming, running a marathon, the more you do it the better you get. Children need to be able to read  Harry Potter  and compare to the Lord of the Rings  to meet the new expectations of the curriculum.


Keep reading.


Mrs Sheridan




Dear All


Welcome back to school after the Christmas Holidays.


I hope you all had a wonderful time and Father Christmas came and visited you all.


Have you all made New Year resolutions?


One I would like you all to have adopt is to read every day. 

How many books can you read this month? Let me know.   sad  sad   smiley


(Parents we know that children who do not read daily quickly fall behind their peers in class and struggle in lessons. 10 mins everyday can make an amazing difference to your child, even for children who are fluent readers. It has been proven that reading can also help with children’s spelling and writing!!) 


Mrs Sheridan




Dear Parents


Thank-you to all the parents who voluntarily organised and ran the school fair on Wednesday. Thanks to your kind donations and support, they raised £330.

We have also received £37 from Tesco’s commission for the school uniform online sales.


This term some of the money raised by the Parent group: Friends of Rushcroft, has helped fund several events: Aladdin Pantomime, C.I.S. Science Day and a Story Writing Day with a children’s author. The children enjoyed all these events and they helped enthuse their learning. These events would not have happened without your support through fundraising events. Thank-you.


The band played at St Andrew’s Church on Sunday. The congregation enjoyed their playing. I would like to thank all the children and parents who gave up their Sunday morning to support this event.


Another Thank-You for all the food that you have sent in for the food bank. The school council have been busy parcelling the donations up to send on to the food bank. You have helped many people who we are pleased to be able to support.



Mrs J E Sheridan




The nurses were in school today giving children their flu spray. If you missed the opportunity you can still go to your doctors.


Mrs J E Sheridan

Dear Parents


A pupil’s absence during term time can seriously disrupt their continuity of learning. Not only do they miss the teaching provided on the days they are away, they are also less prepared for subsequent lessons on their return. There is a consequent risk of underachievement.

As of September 11th 2017 the Local Authority have reinstated the issuing of fixed penalty notices to parents who take their children out of school in term time. Parents / carers do not have a right to take their child out of school for a holiday during term time. As a result family holidays should be planned during the school holidays.


School Governors agreed that, in line with new law, all holidays taken in term time would be unauthorised. In accordance with the Local Authority Attendance Policy, school will refer for a Fixed Penalty Notice fine for holidays taken  in term time.


Mrs J E Sheridan



Dear All

How smart the children look in their new school uniforms.   no


Everyone has impressed me with their attitude this week, all the children are keen and enthusiastic to learn new things and several have already been awarded stickers and team points.


The Reception children have all settled into their new classroom, and only a few tears were shed by parents.   cool


Please could I ask parents and carers ensure  NOT  to send their children to school  with any food containing nuts, as this year we have a child with a peanut allergy  in school, ( this includes nuts in chocolate biscuits).

Any exposure to nut products could cause a severe allergic reaction, which would require medical intervention.


The reaction can also be triggered by the transfer of nut residues and protein to the skin or airways  by opening foods and packages containing nuts.


Thank-you for supporting our children in this matter


Mrs J E Sheridan


Dear All

I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday when we return to school. I hope you are keen to return and share your summer memories with us.


As you know, there have been several changes to staffing across the school and Mr Coyle and I will be sharing the role of Head Teacher, and Miss Jackson will be sharing the role of deputy Head Teacher.



Mrs J E Sheridan


Dear Parents


Yet again our children continue to amaze me. The performance of “Porridge” by Year 6 was brilliant. The children really enjoyed their selves and put on the best performance I have seen. The acting rivalled any theatre company I have seen.


This week we say good bye to Year 6 at the leavers assembly on Friday morning at 9:00am.


We will also be saying goodbye to several members of staff this week. Every single one of them has worked so hard to make Rushcroft the family school we all enjoy, they have given their own time (unpaid) over the years to organise and attend fairs, discos, concerts, PGL, booster classes, plays to name a few, and we will miss them.


I do wish them well in what ever their future involves and thank them from the bottom of my heart for their dedication to Rushcroft.


Mrs Sheridan



Dear Parents

I was honoured to be invited to the Primary Engineers Leaders Award on Thursday.


In January our school worked with Mr Quennan, an engineer, and entered a national competition which asked  the question “If you were an engineer what would you do?”

They were encouraged to think of a problem and solve it.


They competition received over 23,000 entries, 1,800 from Greater Manchester and several

Rushcroft pupils were among the winners.


After several rounds of judging by engineers we were delighted that


Isabella Hart and Bradley Beresford were declared winners.


Jacob Gartside received Highly Commended for his project,

and the following children were short listed :


             Ava McDonald,                          Harry Fisher,                      Amelia Rowlinson,           

             Joshua Moore,                         Jessica Baxter,                    Ifsah Bibi,            

            William Mellor,                          Daniel Flynn,                        Ethan Aspin,        

            Harrison Taylor,                        James McDaid,                    Cali Keane,        

            Stevie Gregory,                        Hannah Sherratt,                 Tommy McMinn,  

           Kacie Fisher,                             Ksenija Dunajeva,               Alexandra Cunningham ,

           Jessica Lawrence.


Well done to all the children who saw their work on display at the QEH this weekend.


Mrs J E Sheridan.


Dear Parents

Your children all know who their new teachers are and where their classrooms are. They will have another lesson this week in their new rooms with their new teachers.

The teachers are :

Reception Mr Edwards

Year 1 Mrs Naylor

Year 2 Mrs McKenna

Year 3 Mrs Spence

Year 4 Mr Coyle

Year 5 Mrs Banham and Mrs Shirtcliffe

Year 6 Miss Jackson.

As you know all teachers are assigned to classes next year.



Mrs J E Sheridan



Dear Parents


Can I remind you that this week we will be holding our sports days. Due to the very warm weather, please make sure that the children have their water bottle in school along with they have sunhats and sun cream.



Year 6 enjoyed their action packed week end at the PGL camp. This has seen children overcome their fear of heights, of confined spaces when they crawled through tunnels, and they learnt how to co-operate and work together in the activities. They were very well behaved and a credit to everyone at Rushcroft.



Mrs J E Sheridan



The summer fair raised over £1000.

Thank-you .


Mrs J E Sheridan


Dear All

Thank-you to everyone who came and supported the summer fair.


A big shout out to all the parents and staff who made the day possible, without their hard work on the day, and the many months before spent planning and organising everything, the fair would not have happened.


If you feel you could help next year please let the office staff know and they will pass your details on.


With all the cuts that are happening in Education every penny we raise is precious and really does help your children.


Mrs J E Sheridan


Dear Parents


Monday sees the start of SATs week for Year 6 children.


The children are well prepared for the tests and have no reason to worry. We know how hard they work every single day, in every lesson, and they are just a measure of how much they have learnt at primary school.


Please help your child by making sure they have a good night sleep and arrive at school in a calm positive manner. Remind them that as long as they try their best no one can be upset with them.


As the tests will be in the school hall can parents of other year groups make sure their children are not late for school as they will not be able to go through the hall to their classrooms.



Mrs J E Sheridan



Dear All


I regret to inform you that I am banning Match Attax cards and fidget toys from school. (Fidget toys and only be used if they have been recommended by a doctor for ASD or ADHD.)


Unfortunately, some cards and toys have gone missing, also some children swap cards then change their minds and get upset when they can’t have their cards back. Please keep these cards at home.


School is closed on Monday, as it is a bank holiday.

It is also closed on Thursday as the Local Authority have designated us as a polling station.

We have been informed that we will also be closed on the 8th June for the general election.


Have a lovely bank holiday and we will see you all on Tuesday 2nd May.



Mrs J E Sheridan


Ofsted 2017 Report

"This school continues to be good."


“The care and support for pupils are a strength of the school.”


Teachers quickly identify the barriers to learning and the gaps in pupils’ understanding. “


“Additional adults are deployed very effectively to support and challenge pupils, and as a result, pupils are making good progress. “


“Pupils are proud of the progress they have made and the improvements in their presentation. “


“Pupils are polite, confident and proud of their achievements.”


“The older pupils take their responsibilities seriously as members of the school council, sports teams and buddies for the younger pupils.”



Ofsted have set us the target of tackling the persistent absence of a small number of pupils. Persistent absence is defined as having attendance below 90%.

We also have to improve spelling across the school.


You can help us achieve these targets by making sure your child attends school, if they have medical appointments in the day they should still come to school before and after the appointment.


Help your child learn their spellings, when they read look for the spellings in their books, show them spelling patterns in the words.


The full report is available on our website.


Mrs J E Sheridan



14.03.17Dear All

Ofsted are inspecting our school on Wednesday 15th March.


If you would like to talk to the inspector : HMI Amanda Stringer, she will be meeting parents at 8:45am.


I implore everyone to complete the online questionnaire to make your views heard at


Your children have worked very hard and are a credit to you and the school – make sure Ofsted know that.



Mrs J E  Sheridan



Happy New Year.

It is lovely to see everyone back at school and eager to learn.


We are however still affected by children and staff with the sickness and flu bug.


If your child has had a stomach bug resulting in either vomiting or diarrhoea, Public Health England and the NHS have informed us,  they must not return to school until 48 hours after their symptoms have stopped to try and prevent the spread of the Norovirus bug. 


We will understand if a child is absent for this reason, just ring the office and inform us.


Mrs J E Sheridan

Dear All

May I wish you all a peace filled Christmas a very Happy New Year for 2017.


I hope you all enjoy your break from school and come back re-energised 

ready to work hard on 

Wednesday 4th January 2017.


All the best for the festive season.



Mrs J E Sheridan 


Dear All

On Wednesday we had a whole school Design and Technology day. Across the school children were baking, making lanterns and Christmas decorations. They had to design their objects first as well as follow instructions, weigh ingredients, measure materials, join items together and have a finished article that they had to review.

Everyone enjoyed the day and there was a buzz of excitement across the school.


Thank-you to Mrs Naylor for organising this and we are all looking forward to another Technology day. 


A special THANK-YOU to all the parents,children, staff, governors and friends of Rushcroft who responded to our cry for help when school was flooding on Tuesday. You saved the school and it was heart lifting to see so many people who care about the school, in the freezing cold and rain,  building flood walls out of sandbags , clearing drains and sweeping the water away from the school building .


You all make Rushcroft a special place.




Mrs J E Sheridan


Dear Parents


I was privileged to witness the first ever spelling bee  at Rushcroft. Children across the school were given words to learn then competed against each other to show how well they knew their spellings.


The children were amazing , confident and had really worked hard at learning their spellings. We ended up having tie breaker spellings, for this the children had to spell unknown words from the age group above them.



Frankie in Reception was declared the Rec / KS1 spelling champion,


Isabella ( Y3) was the KS2 champion.


Don’t forget to send sponsor forms and money raised into school next week . All forms returned with money will be entered into a draw for the prizes that were on display at parents evening.

A very big thank-you to Mrs Jennings and the school council for organising the spelling bee event.


Mrs Sheridan






Dear Parents


Thank-you to all the parents who were interested in becoming school governors, and put themselves forward for the voting process, unfortunately we only had 2 vacancies and 4 candidates.


I am delighted to inform you that your new Parent Governors are

Mrs Alison Morris, mother to Lukas in Year 1    and

Mr David Reeve, father to Jenson in Year 2.


Parents evening is on  Monday 7th November and this time all teachers and parents will be in the school hall for safety reason.


Remember if you go to Breakfast club that a bowl of cereal is only 5p. This is thanks to the kind donation of cereal from Kellogg’s. When it’s gone the price will return to  20p a bowl.


I hope you all have a rain free week off school and look forward to seeing you on Monday 31st October.


Mrs J E Sheridan


Dear Parents


Can I remind you all to vote for our new parent governors.

We have 4 candidates and 2 places so please make sure you vote by

Wednesday 12th October. 


I look forward to telling you all who the new governors are soon.


It was lovely to see Mrs Jones and son, and Mrs Spence and daughter in school.

Mums and babies are doing well.


We are having a big  push on READING throughout school. The new curriculum is very demanding and we need to ensure your child is ready for the demands that secondary will cause. We expect every child to read at home at least 3 times a week, ideally every day. If you are too busy and cannot find the time to read with your child we will give them extra reading support but this will be during lunch or playtime.



Mrs J E Sheridan

09.09.2016           smiley


Dear Parents


It is lovely to see everyone back at school looking very smart in their new uniforms and keen and eager to learn.


We welcome Mrs Shaw (Y3) and Mrs Shirtcliffe ( Y5) to Rushcroft.  : Miss Mears got married over the summer and is now  Mrs McKenna is in Y2.


Congratulations to Mrs Jones who gave birth to a healthy baby boy last week.


Teachers will be sending newsletters out soon and the class topics will be shared on the website under : Learning : Key Stage Curriculum : under year group page.


Can I remind parents to be respectful of our neighbours especially with regards to parking. Several residents have already complained about their drives being blocked by parents.



Mrs J E Sheridan


Dear Parents

The school year has finally ended and what an exciting week we finished with.

The Music concert was on Tuesday. It was lovely to hear how much the children have progressed with their musical skills. The event was marred by so many children who did not turn up, who did not tell us they were not going to come, and thereby let their teachers and class mates down. Fortunately several children volunteered to step up and play the missing soloist parts.  

Music Awards were presented to 

Olivia Shaw, Katie Bennett, Ashley Dockrey,    Riley Milne and Leah Heppenstall.

The Jan Cantello Music Award was presented to Nalaie Platt.


Wednesday night saw Year 6 perform their highly hilarious performance of   

  Sleeping Beauty : The Ugly Truth.

Many new stars were discovered that night.


Thursday afternoon was Rushcroft’s Got Talent. The children in each class  voted for 2 acts to go to represent their class in the final. We were treated to singers, dancers and gymnasts and I was very impressed with the talent shown and the confidence of all the children performing on the stage in front of the whole school.

Our independent judges voted for 2 singing acts to win the final. They were :

Bradley Beresford in Year 5  and

‘The hedgehogs’ from Year 1  ( Olivia Taylor, Abigail Frechou and Abigail Jones).


Friday was Year 6 leavers assembly. By the time they had recanted their memories there was not a dry eye in the school. (Everyone remembered an incident involving Mrs Naylor and bat poo when they were in Year 1! )

 We will miss every one of them but are delighted with the dedication, effort, perseverance and caring natures they all show. They have great futures ahead of them.

The Sports Personality of the Year Award went to

Michael Murphy and Grace Wild.


I would like to thank all the staff at Rushcroft who continually go over and above their expected duties to ensure your child succeeds, they create a wonderful climate that your child flourishes in.


We look forward to seeing you all again on Wednesday 7th September when our new Reception class will be joining us.


Have a great summer.


Mrs J E Sheridan


Dear Parents


Thank-you for turning out in the atrocious weather to support the PTAs first summer fair. I am sure you will agree that is was a tremendous success and everyone enjoyed it.


The PTA have worked incredibly hard throughout the year organising the event, if you see them don’t forget to thank them.


A special thank-you to all the parents, staff, governors, volunteers and children who turned up to man the stalls. I know without them all this event would not have happened.


Wednesday was SCIENCE DAY. We were joined by Oldham Science College and Newman College staff. The children spent the day conducting experiments and every one enjoyed the day. Thank-you to Mrs Spence for organising it. 

I do hope you can make some of our events this week:

Tuesday is our music concert

Wednesday is Year 6 concert supported by year 5.

Friday is our Year 6 leavers assembly.


Enjoy the week.

Mrs J E Sheridan.



Dear Parents


The children have had their first transition visit to their new classrooms and meet their  teacher for the next school year.


Reception      Mr Edwards

Y1                   Mrs Naylor

Y2                   Miss Mears

Y3                   Mrs Shaw

Y4                   Mr Coyle

Y5                   Mrs Shirtcliffe

Y6                   Miss Jackson.


We are delighted to welcome Mrs Shaw and Mrs Shirtcliffe back to Rushcroft .

Mrs Banham will be teaching MFL and covering PPA.

Mrs Spence and Mrs Jones will be on maternity leave.


They were accompanied by the teaching assistants who currently work with them, next week they will meet next years teaching  assistants as well.


Mrs Sheridan



Dear Parents

In this hot weather please make sure you send your children to school with sun cream, with their name on, as they will be encouraged to apply this during the day, also a sun hat would be useful as there is little shade on the playground at dinnertime. 


On Wednesday we look forward to meeting all the children who will be joining our Reception class in the Autumn. This is the first of a series of visits. Children already at Rushcroft will be meeting their  teacher  for next year on  Tuesday 21st June .


Next week Year 1 children will be  taking their government Phonic Screening Assessment.  




Mrs J E Sheridan




Dear Parents


Today we said "Goodbye" to Mrs Duxbury. She has worked at Rushcroft for 10 years and helped many children during lunchtime. We are all going to miss her and wish her all the best for her new role.


Next week is the start of Key Stage 2 SATs tests for Year 6. Help your children by ensuring they have a good nights sleep and come to school on time, ready to show everyone exactly what they can do. They have all worked hard and I know they will all try their best.


Year 2 children will also be taking their Key Stage 1 SATs  during the next 3 weeks.


If you have any concerns please come and see us. We want this to be a stress free time for our children.



Mrs J E Sheridan 


Dear All


What a wonderful day we all had on the Queen’s  birthday.


We joined in with the country to wish her Majesty a very happy 90th birthday.


We made cards, put up bunting, baked cakes and learnt about the Queen and her family.


Tom’s  (Year 1)  design for his birthday card to the Queen  was chosen from all entries to the PTA competition and was enlarged for all children to sign and is being posted to the Queen.


We were visited by some new friends from Shawside Nursing home,  who enjoyed touring the classes and joining in with activities. They even stayed and had lunch with us while Leah and  Jessica  (Year 5)  entertained us all with renditions of ‘God save the Queen’ and ‘Happy Birthday to you’ on the flute.


The day was rounded off by the PTA organising mini stalls and activities after school. This was very popular and  the children did not want to leave and go home.


Thank-you to everyone who made the day a great success.


Mrs J E Sheridan


What a busy week we have had.


We were treated to the musical talents of  the Band and children in Year 5. Everyone enjoyed listening to the music as it was of such a high standard.


There were dramas in the egg rolling competitions, especially for the eggs that hadn't been boiled!


The Easter bonnets looked wonderful, we have so many talented children, and parents, thank-you all for taking part.


Several children from Year 5 played in the Handball Tournament. They won 3 out of the 4 matches and were a credit to the school.


The sad part of the week was saying say goodbye to Mrs Rawsthorne. She has worked at Rushcroft for over 15 years, starting here as a newly qualified teacher and ending up as a Governor and Assistant Head Teacher.

Over the years she has supported many children, both as class teacher and SENCO, we will miss her support and guidance.


We are though delighted that she has been promoted to the role of Head Teacher and will start in her new school in Rochdale  after the Easter Holidays,  we wish her every success in her new role .


Have a Happy Easter and do not forget to check if I have set you an Easter challenge for your homework, and remember to write down all your news to share with me after the holidays.


See you in two weeks.


Mra Sheridan






Dear Parents


Thank-you to the school council for organising the Fair Trade fortnight. They shared with us in assembly the reason Fair Trade is so important and they sold Fair Trade toys at playtime.


I hope to see you at the Year 3 and 4 performance on Wednesday night. Everyone has been working so hard preparing, learning lines , songs and dances. It will be an exciting night. I can’t wait.


Mrs J E Sheridan











Dear Parents


It is with sadness we say good bye to a valued member of staff this week.


Mr Sheridan has worked at Rushcroft for over  9 years, he has supported children in and outside the classroom. We will miss him as he is a valued member of our school family.


We do, however, wish him well in his new position, he has been promoted to  Behaviour  Management  Leader in a Manchester Primary School, our loss is their gain.


Good Luck in your new school.


Mrs Sheridan



Dear Parents

Safeguarding : Your  Children’s safety.

Reminder to Parents

School starts at 8:55am although teachers will allow children into the classroom from 8:45am. Please do not leave your children unattended in the school grounds as there is no one to supervise them .


If your child attends "Breakfast Club"  you must stay with your child until they are signed into the hall by a member of staff after 8:30am.


Children attending ‘OWLS’ before school club must be accompanied to the club door and signed in by a member of staff. They must not be left to walk around the building on their own.


School Disco

Thank-you to the parents who organised, and ran, the Valentine Disco. This was a great success and enjoyed by everyone who attended.  


Half Term

I hope you all have a lovely half term, read lots of books, completed lots of activities on the “ I am learning site” and I look forward to seeing you on Monday 22nd February.


Mrs J Sheridan



Dear Parents

You should have received  information about our new online homework system. We have introduced this following suggestions from the parent questionnaires that stated parents wanted to be able to monitor their child's homework and get feed back about how well they were doing and comments that some children would not do homework as all they  wanted to do was play online games.


The "I am learning" website allows you to monitor your child's progress and allows them to do supplementary homework through the games they can play. The children all seem enthusiastic about the system and do not view it as homework. Parents have told us that for once they could not stop their children completing the homework instead of struggling to encourage them to start it.


IMrs J E Sheridan

What were you doing on Boxing Day?

Mrs Fairhurst, Year 3 Governor, and her family saved the school from flooding by clearing drains and sand bagging the field.

The water was pouring off the fields at the back of school and flowing fast onto the fields causing flooding. The water was close to the classroom doors when Mrs Fairhurst arrived  to the rescue. Not the boxing day they had planned.

Thank-you from everyone at school.

Mrs J E Sheridan


Boxing Day Flood diverted.

Boxing Day Flood diverted. 1 A stream appeared at the back of school.
Boxing Day Flood diverted. 2 Rushing through the school gounds.
Boxing Day Flood diverted. 3 The whole field was flooded.
Boxing Day Flood diverted. 4 Governor saves school.



Dear All


Can I take this opportunity to thank all our wonderful musicians who have entertained us with their talents in our weekly concerts. It was a delight to listen to and we are proud of every one of them.


Our KS1  Christmas sing along and Reception Nativity play were amazing.


Father James came into school for our Christingle service and we were all emotional when the glow sticks were lit in the hall during the service, it created a moment of awe and wonder at the beauty of the light and the true meaning of Christmas.


We have had a very busy term and have been focusing on Reading this term. Reading is still a priority but your children will be impressing you with their Grammar skills after Christmas. 


I wish you all a very Happy Peace filled Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.


Mrs J E Sheridan             smiley




Thank-you to all the parents who turned up to support us in out Thanks giving Festival Assembly.


Yet again you amazed us all with your kind donations of food which are going to local food banks.


We heard from Year 2 about our own super heroes : Armed Forces, Police, Firemen and Women and Doctors and Nurses.


We also celebrated all the staff who support us in school, without their support school would be a very different place.


Make sure you have recieved and saved your letter about our Christmas assemblies, parties and dressing up day.




Mrs J.E.Sheridan

Picture 1



There are times when I am amazed by the wonderful children, staff and governors at Rushcroft.


sad         frown           surprise           sad            frown                surprise             sad             frown          surprise

Today was one such occasion.

A very big thank-you  to everyone for my wonderful birthday cards – you all kept it a secret.


I am so proud to be a member of our Rushcroft family and there really is no job I would rather do, or school I would rather  work in, than Rushcroft.


Have a happy half term, and thank-you once again.

Mrs J E Sheridan

p.s.  I did cry  –        just  a little!     cool      cool


Dear Parents

Congratulations to the following children who won the handwriting competition :

Year 1    Thomas

Year 2    Caitlin

Year 3    Molly

Year 4    Milly

Year 5    Anisha

Year 6    McKenzie

If you have not returned the Reading Quesionnaire can you send it in as soon as possible. Spare copies can be obtained at the office. Reading is a vital skill that your child needs to succeed but we are aware that some children will not read at home. Ideally children should be reading a minimum of 5 nights a week:  it can be for 5 minutes at a time, or a chapter of a book.  When they don’t read they start falling behind their peers and it can be difficult to catch up. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s reading please speak to the class teacher .


Mrs J E Sheridan







Dear All

What a lovely week we have had at school. Everyone has settled in and already some children have been awarded stickers for their good work.


We have new posters displaying our expectations up around school.

If you have not handed in your handwriting for our competition you have time over the weekend – entries must be in on Monday morning.


Have a good weekend and remember  to read every day.


Mrs J E Sheridan


1st September  2015 


Dear All

Welcome back to a new year at Rushcroft.  I hope you have all enjoyed your holidays and are ready to share your adventures with your new class teachers.

I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday. We have so many exciting things to learn this term.

If you have not completed the handwriting challenge you still have time.


Mrs J E Sheridan


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Dear All


What a marvelous end to a fantastic year.


We had Rushcrofts Got Talent, organised by the School Council. We were treated to an afternoon of dance, singing, drama and magic!


There was the summer concert in the grounds. The musicians sounded wonderful with their music wafting out over the night air and we made nearly £1000  for school.


We then had the brilliant end of year performance by year 6 and 5.


Year 6 made everyone cry at their leaving assembly with their memories of school.


I hope you are all having a wonderful summer  and I am looking forward to seeing everyone, including our new children in September.


Mrs J E Sheridan.




Dear Parents

As you know this year we were the lead school in delivering School Direct Teacher Training. This was a route for students wishing to become teachers and train in the local area. We were linked with Cumbria University and our school staff delivered most of the training for the students .Unfortunately we are not continuing with the School Direct programme next year.


10 students started the course and 7 completed it. I am delighted that all 7 students have secured teaching jobs and they will all be a wonderful addition to the teaching profession.


I would like to thank all Rushcroft staff who helped  provide the training needed and ensure the students had the highest standards to aim for. Over the year several students worked at Rushcroft and they were all impressed with the attitude and behaviour of the children and the dedication and enthusiasm of the staff.


It has been an exciting adventure and I know the children have benefited not only from having  good teaching but also because it allowed our staff time to work 1-1 with many children across the school.


Thank-you all for your help and support


Mrs J E Sheridan





Dear All

Year 1 phonic assessments took place this week. These are a mixture of real and nonsense words – I enclose an example below for you to see. We were very proud of ALL the children. We will find out next month exactly how many words they were required to read to pass the test – it alters every year. If unfortunately they did not read enough words correctly they will have to take the screening again next year – government rules!


The children left today to attend the PGL camp. I know they will have a wonderful time and expect to see very tired children, and staff, with exciting adventurous stories next week.


Have you seen the letters about our Musical Evening 8th July. We are having a Musical night  in the school grounds , if the weather is kind, with stalls, refreshments where everyone can listen to the musical talents of pupils in KS2. I hope you can attend.




Mrs J E Sheridan


Examples from Y1 Phonics assessment




Dear Parents and  Guardians

It was wonderful to meet the children who will be in our new Reception class in September. Over the next few weeks your child will also meet their new teachers and spend time in their new classrooms so they are ready for September.


It was amazing to see the children walking on Wednesday for the Brakes Giant Walk. They were so well behaved and looked after each other on the route.Thank-you to all the parents who were able to give up their time to walk with us.


This week the Year 1 children have their Government Phonic Assessments. They have to read a range of real words, and nonsense words. It will take up most of the week as children have to be assessed individually. 


Have a great weekend .

Mrs J E Sheridan


Dear Parents

This week I have been very impressed with many children across the school.


The brilliant Mathematicians we have at Rushcroft who in assembly can quickly work out averages and tell me the percentage of children who have awards this week.


 The estimation challenge Miss Jackson introduced was won by a Year 1 child.


Year 1 astounded me with the quality of their writing. They wrote to me asking if we would be allowed to keep Chocolate Fridays. The target for Year 1 is to write in sentences but some children were using paragraphs and similes in their writing.


I hope you all have a chance to carry on learning over the half term holiday, and keep reading.

See you soon

Mrs J.E.Sheridan 


Dear Parents

What a mixed up learning week this has been. One day off, two days in, one day off, one day in. We look forward to next week when things return to normal.


Next week Y6 children will be doing their government tests : SATs.  Y2 children will be doing their SATs as well over the next few weeks.


You can help your child by ensuring they have a good night’s sleep and arrive bright and early for school in the morning. Why not send them to breakfast club ?  We knew every single child will do the best that they can do and I am very proud of every one of them.


Mrs J E Sheridan


Welcome back to school after the holidays, I have been hearing about all your adventures. It is so interesting to discover how many of you needed your reading and maths skills that you learnt in school.


Reading is so important and unfortuantely we have several children who are struggling with their reading and are not able to read at home. If  your child is struggling, or you cannot read with them,  please contact your child's teacher so we can arrange for them to catch up over lunchtimes. As a child moves up from Reception class the skill of reading is needed more and more, in secondary school a child who cannot read at age expected levels will struggle in every lesson every day. With your help we can prevent this.


This week sees us dressing up for St Georges day - you can wear red, white, and/or blue, you can dress up as a knight, a dragon or even a princess.


Mrs J E Sheridan



Dear Parents

What a fantastic last week to the school term. This was the week when our children demonstrated their very many different talents.


It started with the rugby team representing Oldham schools at the Manchester Games.


Then the  musicians in the school band played in the Rochdale Music Festival and received a ‘Highly Commended’  form the judges.

We were also treated to a concert from the musicians in years 5 and 6.


The school play  performed by the year 3 and 4 children demonstrated how many talented  thespians and musicians we have .


Then to end the week we saw the talented creations your children made for the Easter Bonnet parade. A big thank-you to all the school councillors who organised and judged the competition.


I am sure, that like me, you are very proud of all the children. They  not only demonstrated how talented they are, but they cheered and supported each other and every child tried their best, what ever they did. What more could I ask of anyone?


I am so lucky to be the Head teacher of a school with supportive parents, talented children and dedicated staff.


I wish you all a very Happy Easter and look forward to seeing you all again on the 20th April.


Mrs  J. E. Sheridan    smiley

10th March 2015

Well done to the school Councillors and their hard work in making our Fair Trade  fortnight a success.


 With Mrs Jennings support  they raised our awareness of exactly what Fair Trade is through assemblies, they drew up a business plan of how much money they would need to buy the products they sold, how they can repay their loans, how they could raise money through making drinks -    proving they are very business minded.


A big thank-you to  Miss Hibbert ( Brodys Mum)  and Mrs Queenan who made the wonderful cakes we all enjoyed.


There is further information on the School Council Page.

Mrs J E Sheridan



The staff and children have been working together to improve our school aims and behaviour  expectations.  This has resulted in a change to Rushcroft values and will form part of our new Behaviour Policy.


We now have seven expectations and we call them the

 Rushcroft Rainbow Expectations. 


At Rushcroft we

  • are safe
  • try our best
  • are respectful
  • are in the right place at the right time
  • co-operate
  • communicate appropriately
  • express emotions appropriately 

The children are designing new signs to display our Rainbow Expectations  and these will be displayed around school.


We know you will support us, and your children, to achieve these expectations. Children who struggle to achieve them will be given support and guidance. We will publish the new behaviour policy when it is finalised.



Mrs J E Sheridan





Dear Parents

I would like to say a big thank-you to one of our unseen heroes: Mr Kearney.


He has spent the last two days shovelling snow to make sure the paths are safe for our children and to keep school open.

On Thursday he cleared the paths four times because as soon as he finished there was another snow fall.

He was in very early clearing the paths on Friday but was defeated by the power cut that hit Shaw that meant we had no heating or light in areas of the school and no telephones. For the children’s safety we had no option but to close school.



Thank-you to all the parents who were understanding and supportive as the closure was beyond our control.


See you all on Monday


Mrs J E Sheridan





Dear All

As we start back after Christmas the children are keen to tell me about all the gifts they received at Christmas. Some gifts have been used every single day, and some gifts have been discarded already and will never be looked at again.


One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the gift of reading. We often overlook this very important and vital life skill, without it children cannot progress through life let alone school.  We can tell the children who  read at home and the children who only have reading experiences at school as they struggle to read in lessons  and often end up needing extra support.




 Just 10 minutes a day can make such a difference to a child’s learning.

Can you spare 10 minutes a day to listen to your child read, even in Year 6?


 I know sometimes we just cannot find the time, would it help if we could arrange for children to have extra reading at lunchtimes or break time ?

 Do you know how to help your child when they get stuck on words?

  Do you think your child reads enough books a week?

 Do we need to change reading books more often?


 We will send a questionnaire home to gather your views soon as we want every child to succeed at reading.




Mrs J E Sheridan        

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