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Key Stage 2 News 3.12.17

Year 5 

This week in year 5 we have continued to look at different methods of multiplication, focusing on multiplying 2 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers in a column method. In English we have been learning our Explanation text. We watched a video of Wallace's snooze-a-tron device and we are now creating our text map to explain the process of how it works. On Wednesday we watched the Aladdin pantomime, oh yes we did, we joined in so much some of us lost our voices! On Thursday we could dress up, so whilst we were in character we did a drama activity called hot-seating were we could be in role as the character. Daniel, Vaneesa, Matthew, Remy-ann, Lily and even Oliver's pet monkey wowed us all with their acting skills as they demonstrated at the front of the class. Following on from this we wrote a diary entry pretending that we were one of the characters in the play, the best two will be chosen to display around school. 

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Year 3


In year 3 this week we have been continuing with division and looking at number sentence families and the links between division and multiplication. In English, we have continued to write our instructions for animal mummification and we will do our presentation pieces next week. On Wednesday we were lucky enough to watch the pantomime, Aladdin. So on Thursday we were allowed to dress in Aladdin themed clothes and we discussed how to ride a magic carpet safely. After a little drama activity, we wrote instructions for how to ride a carpet and the best two will be chosen for a display in the school. 

Year 4


Well done to Kiera, Mac and Bethany who were our writing winners this week. There were lots of good recounts written by many children but theirs were judged the best by the esteemed panel of judges. In science we learned about electrical conductors and insulators and were surprised that aluminium foil actually conducts electricity. The Aladdin pantomime was a blast and we wrote about what we would do with three wishes.


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