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Key Stage 2 News 27.5.18

Year 3


This week in year 3 we had a visit from Jo Thompson from Educate and Celebrate who discussed LGBT terminology with us and how we should use these words respectfully. We also discussed how we should celebrate each individual for who they are and that everyone's 'normal' is different. We also found out that after half term we will be having a visit from Michael Churm, who is a Paralympic who was consistently ranked in the top 10 in the world for ten years and he won a silver medal at the Sydney Paralympic games in 2000. He is coming here to inspire us to take up sport and keep healthy, pursuing any passions we may have. We are going to try and raise money for the event, so please get involved with this memorable event. 

Year 4


We have had another good week. We enjoyed playing Danish rounders in PE and had a good try at creating branching databases in Science. We've written friendship recipes in English and we've been simplifying fractions and converting improper fractions in Maths. Below are some of the photographs taken at Castleshaw; we do have a video but it's too large to put on here...



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