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Key Stage 2 News 25.3.18

Year 3


This week in year 3, we have started looking at image poetry and how to use descriptive vocabulary to create a picture in the reader's head. We have learnt about synonyms, similes and metaphors and have started trying to create some for different pictures. We have thought about our emotions and what they look and feel like and are trying to put this across in our writing. In Science we have been looking at soil and what it's made up of  and in RE we have been finishing off and learning the final pillar of Islam. 

Year 4


As part of Science Week, we carried out an investigation to see which material makes the best canopy for a parachute: tissue paper, sugar paper or paper towel. We kept the test fair by only changing one variable (the material) and did each drop five times so we could get an average drop time. In most cases we decided that the best material would be tissue paper because that took the longest to come down.

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