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Key Stage 2 News 21.1.18

Year 4


In science this week, we learned about sources of sound and we also learned that all sounds are formed by vibrations. To demonstrate this we made telephones out of plastic cups and string which helped us to understand that when we were talking, we were passing a vibration from our voice box down the string to our friend at the other end. We also enjoyed our electricity dance lesson and are just putting our final improvised moves together ready for the "Dance Off".



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Year 3


In year 3 this week we have been mapping a letter from a year 3 boy who is persuasively asking for a skate park to be built in the school playground. Next week we will look at changing it to what we want in our own school. In Maths we have continued with division and have been doing some work on how to partition numbers differently rather than just tens and ones. It has made dividing big numbers easier as we can think about 'chunks' of the divisor.  We have continued to look at the UK and what mountains are within the different countries. We learned that Ben Nevis is the tallest in the UK. In Science we started looking at magnetism and were sorting items and identifying whether or not they were magnetic

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