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Key Stage 2 News 19.11.17

Year 3


In year 3 this week we have started looking at multiplication, focusing on how to find the answer in different ways. It has been really interesting looking at how we work it out differently and has helped us find new methods that we can use. In English we have started innovating our instructions to mummify animals. Our class one is called 'Camelfication' where we are mummifying a camel! In Art we are designing and painting our Egyptian portraits. We have also been looking at friendships, being mean and how to take care of each other. We believe that everyone is welcome at this school and we are all unique. We have discovered that 'It's good to be me!' and we should all be proud of our own achievements. 

Year 4


As part of Friendship Week, we met up with Year 5 on Wednesday. They had made some games about keeping safe online and needed some children to test them. The games were really well made and fun and we all enjoyed playing them (see pictures below). Our Electricity dance is going well and we've moved into group work. In English, we've finished writing limericks about ourselves and have now moved on to writing ones about the staff at school. We might even use their first names!!!




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