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Key Stage 2 News 13.5.18

Year 3


After a long weekend, we are straight back into writing our myth about Cami the designer who is going to get changed into a chameleon. In  maths we ave started looking at telling the time and are doing very well so far. We are continuing to learn about the Stone Age and this week have looked at the Neolithic (new) age. We have continued to investigate light in Science - looking at how we can bend light with the use of a mirror. It has been a jam packed week! 

Year 4


We have had a very productive week in Year 4 which began with an interesting lesson about volcanoes and finished with us testing our recently-made boats in Reception's water basin. Our boats are now ready to be floated along the River Tame in Castleshaw next Friday.


Well done to everybody who is making progress with their Times Tables Mishmash and well done to those children who got 95/95.


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