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Key Stage 2 News 12.11.17

Year 3


In year 3 this week we have been recapping our instructions for mummifying a body in Ancient Egypt. We are now 'boxing up' our writing and getting ready to innovate them into new instructions next week. In Maths we have been looking at addition and subtraction and using bar models to represent sums. We have also been working on friendships and how to be kind to each other as we are entering a busy half term and we need to remember how to look after each other. In History we have started looking at farming in Egypt and in Science we are starting to develop 'Eatwell' plates for our clients to ensure they know how to eat healthily and enjoy an active lifestyle. 

Year 4


In history, we looked at slavery in Ancient Greek times and came to the conclusion that Spartan slaves were much more ready to fight for their rights than Athenian slaves. In English, we have been reading lots of limericks and learnt about their rhyming pattern, rhythm and how they're usually funny and nonsensical. We learnt about electrical safety in science and have started to put together an "electricity dance" in PE. Our coding lesson went well and some of us already understand how repeat functions help programmers save a lot of time when creating software.


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