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Congratulations Spelling Bee winners

Today in Year 1 we had our Spelling Bee. The children had to try their best to remember all of the 50 spellings we have learnt for spelling tests since September. Then, for the first round of the competition, the children had to spell ten words chosen at random from those 50. If they managed to spell all ten correctly, they progressed to round 2.  
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So, at the start of round 2 all nine contenders were asked if they wanted to continue...they all chose to carry on.
The spellings increased in difficulty and as errors crept in, one by one the children were knocked out of the competition until only three remained 
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Having spelled all Year 1 test spellings correctly, we had to introduce compound words until finally our two brave runners up were knocked out by the final spelling "snowglobe"
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The lads decided to split the second prize between them, leaving a clear winner to take first prize.

Congratulations to everyone who practised, proving that everyone in class who has learned to spell is obviously a winner in their own right!!!!!

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One winner

Amongst a class full of winners, what a great bunch!

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