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Chairs Update

July 2016


It is with sadness we say Goodbye to Mrs M Wiswell. After 10 years as a school Governor she has decided the time has come for her to step down and explore other interests.


Mrs Wiswell has been a valued member of the Governing body and  has helped shaped Rushcroft into the caring inclusive school we are. We will miss her  advice, dedication and enthusiasm.


Both Mr Waterhouse and I have reached the end of our term of office as Parent Governors, which creates 2 parent Governor vacancies. If you are interested in joining us in the new school year look out for the application forms in September. If you would like further information regarding the role of a Governor  please speak to Mrs K Fairhurst or Mrs Sheridan.


Mr Waterhouse and I are not leaving Rushcroft, we have been co-opted back onto the Governing Body and will continue to support and challenge the school for many more years.


I hope you have a good summer 

Mr M Barber

The dates have been set for our 2015 – 16  Governing Body Meetings.


September 9th 

September 22nd      

September 29th

October 13th

October 20th

December 15th

January 26th

March 14th

March 22nd

May 17th

June 2nd

July 5th


If you have matters you would like the governors to discuss please email me at .


Holidays in School Time

All requests for holidays in school time must be submitted to a governors meeting 6 weeks before the intended absence. For the governors to consider your request you will need to produce evidence of why the holiday could not occur during normal school holidays. We cannot authorise holidays just because they are cheaper in term time.         

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