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Big questions, lots of shapes and a different sound for "o" in Year 1

Hi everybody!

Welcome back to school for the Spring Term. Happy New Year! 

This week our Maths in Year 1 has been all about 2D and 3D shapes . We have completed lots of practical activities finding and using the shapes and learning to read and recognise the shape names.

In particular we have looked at squares, circles, rectangles and triangles,

cubes, cuboids, spheres, cones , pyramids and cylinders.


In RE we are thinking about BIG questions, like

Who made the World?, What does God look like? What does Allah do? Who chose the colour of my hair?

Why was the world made like it was?  . 

In Phonics we are finding words where there are long vowels - kind mind behind

gold old sold both don't  . We are looking at words where "c" says "s" circle December cell phone  and "g" says "j" like in giraffe Geraldine !  How confusing English words can be!!

Anyway take a look at the week in pictures ...

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