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Autumn 1, Week 3


Year 1


What an exciting week it has been in year 1! We started our week off with a dinosaur hunt, where we found lots of dinosaurs, some footprints and even a raptor's claw. Mr Edwards and his sidekick 'Wally', guided the children carefully around school on their hunt for the dreaded T-Rex that had been rumoured to be living on the front fields. We encountered many different types of dinosaur and even a volcano before we stumbled across the nest of a baby T-Rex. Poor Mrs McCaffery was very nearly eaten! We then used this exciting experience to help us write a recount of our adventures later in the week. Some of us even used time connectives in our work - wow!


Later in the week we learnt about the famous British palaeontologist, Mary Anning, who found many fossils and dinosaur skeletons in Dorset during the early 19th century, we also learnt that she was one of very few female scientists at the time. We even had a go at being palaeontologists ourselves, excavating plasticine dinosaur bones from sand trays.


We continued the dinosaur theme in our art work, where we made our own dinosaurs out of paper plates, which we then decorated with poster paints, whilst in science we learnt about carnivores and herbivores, sorting food according to which type of dinosaur would have chosen to eat it.



Year 2


Year 2 have had an interesting week! They began the week by talking about jui-jitsu and some of the boys who go to classes outside of school demonstrated how to perform a 'cata'. Very intriguing!


Numeracy work this week has focused on counting in groups of differing denominations, as the children develop their skills and find quicker and more efficient ways of counting larger groups of objects. You can see them doing this using different objects in some of the pictures below. Later in the week, they played the 'tens game', seeing who could reach the highest score using 2 dice or a spinner.


Thursday saw a wide array of interesting factual and fiction books arrive in Year 2, as Thursdays are now 'bring a book from home day'. The children bring in books that interest them, reading and sharing them with other children and the class, explaining their significance or reasons for bringing them. I wonder which books the children will bring in next...


Finally, the class finished off the week with some art work which reflected their current topic on water. Mrs Naylor showed the children some famous water themed pieces, which the children then re-created using mixed media. You can see some of their finished masterpieces in the pictures below!

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