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Autumn 1, Week 1



Reception class have been settling into both the school and their new classroom this week, in addition to learning some of the routines that they will follow for the rest of the year. Mrs Rawsthorne showed the children around the school and introduced them to the different learning areas in the classroom. She is very impressed with how well the children have settled in! Below you can see a selection of pictures of the children exploring their new classroom and getting to know some of the rules of the classroom and the school in general.

Year 1


This week, Year 1 have been settling into their new classroom and routine and what an impressive bunch they are too! The children have been working hard in their maths work to develop their understanding of number and value, using practical equipment to demonstrate their knowledge of the relative value of different numbers. In their English work, the children have been working on activities themed around the story 'Not Now Bernard', including describing the monster from the story and even writing and talking about how it felt, courtesy of a bag full of 'monster parts'!


The children also began work on their new topic for this term, which is themed around dinosaurs. After learning about some of the physical features of dinosaurs, they went on to make their own out of playdough. As you can see in the pictures, some of them were very scary indeed! Finally, the children ended their week by creating their own dinosaur masks, which they cut out of card and then painted, before decorating with glitter and tissue. Lots of fun was had by all!




Year 2


Just as Year 1 have been adapting to their new environs, so have Year 2. They began their week by deciding what questions they would like to find answers to, regarding their topic which is themed around 'water'.

Later on in the week, they looked at the biblical story 'Noah's Ark', which they re-enacted, including costumes and animal masks, which you can see being made and worn by the children in the pictures below. The children were then able to use these experiences to inform their writing later in the week, with some very impressive results.What an exciting first week!

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